Art & Culture
The new year of Islam that comes every night 1 Muharram is often celebrated with various kinds of activities.
Art & Culture Info / February 25, 2018
When visiting Yogyakarta and want to try an interesting culinary tour in this city, the try to visit the House of Raminten.
Culinary Info / February 23, 2018
One of the natural attractions in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta which is suitable for the traveler who loves the extreme activity and adrenaline rush that is Goa Jomblang.
Info Nature / February 21, 2018
When traveling to Yogyakarta, many interesting tourist options that can be visited.
Info Nature / February 19, 2018
Yogyakarta is an attractive holiday location for out-of-town and overseas travelers as it has many of unique places.
History & Education Info / February 17, 2018
Enjoying the beach tour in the city of Students or Yogyakarta is sure to bring an interesting experience for the traveler.
Info Nature / February 15, 2018
Have you walked while seeing the culture in an area? There is one activity in Yogyakarta where every traveler can enjoy the culture to see the beauty of nature in the best places titled Jogja Walking Heritage.
Art & Culture Info / February 13, 2018
The city of Yogyakarta is full of interesting attractions from the theme of nature, shopping centers, culture, to education.
History & Education Info / February 11, 2018
Enjoying educational tours in a museum is now more interesting because there are various unique spots inside.
History & Education Info / February 9, 2018
When vacationing in a city, does the traveler ever visit the museum? Usually, visiting a museum is often considered a tedious thing.
History & Education Info / February 7, 2018