Art & Culture
Art & Culture
Yogyakarta is the center of government and Javanese culture from the past until now.
Art & Culture Info / April 1, 2018
There are many ways to welcoming Sura month, the sacred month in Java. One of the traditions is Bathhok Bolu tradition, which held in Sambiroto Village, Purwomartani Village, Kalasan, Sleman, DIY province.
Art & Culture Info / March 25, 2018
Javanese people are known for their unique culture. This is seen from various tradition and the ceremonies held to commemorate something and of course have a philosophy in every tradition.
Art & Culture Info / March 23, 2018
Yogyakarta Province is famous as the city of culture. This city has customs and traditional culture that will be very fun if made as tourism objects.
Art & Culture Info / March 15, 2018
Beksan Lawung Agung dance actually is a dance which presented as ritual dance of deputy sultan at the wedding of his children.
Art & Culture Info / March 13, 2018
Besides, a culture of a city cannot be separated from the elements of uniqueness, such as the dance of Yogyakarta that is called Beksan Lawung Ageng.
Art & Culture Info / March 5, 2018
As you know, exploring culture in a city is an interesting activity. Yogyakarta has shown many cultural tourism objects, one of them is called Kampung Ketandan that has an ancient culture.
Art & Culture Info / March 3, 2018
When we are talking about art, it is about a lot of things such as uniqueness, tradition, and other important aspects.
Art & Culture Info / March 1, 2018
The new year of Islam that comes every night 1 Muharram is often celebrated with various kinds of activities.
Art & Culture Info / February 25, 2018
Have you walked while seeing the culture in an area? There is one activity in Yogyakarta where every traveler can enjoy the culture to see the beauty of nature in the best places titled Jogja Walking Heritage.
Art & Culture Info / February 13, 2018