In Yogyakarta, precisely in the intersection area of SGM or Jl Veteran, there is a culinary tourist spot that is legend
Culinary Info / June 7, 2018
For those who have already in Malang, East Java Province, surely know of a culinary tourist spot known as Pos Ketan Legenda.
Culinary Info / June 3, 2018
Almost all tourists that has been visiting Yogyakarta for vacation must be ever to taste the delicious gudeg or heard about it.
Culinary Info / April 25, 2018
When the travelers visit a tourism area like Yogyakarta, it will feel incomplete if does not enjoy the culinary tour.
Culinary Info / March 17, 2018
Taste all special culinary of Yogyakarta is always not enough, because there are so many foods that will treat your tongue.
Culinary Info / March 7, 2018
There are many people who sit on the street mats on the floor.
Culinary Info / February 28, 2018
When visiting Yogyakarta and want to try an interesting culinary tour in this city, the try to visit the House of Raminten.
Culinary Info / February 23, 2018
Most people know the well known culinary in Yogyakarta. Yes,right ! Gudeg. So, it is not unusual if the city oftec called as a gudeg city
Culinary Info / January 29, 2018
There are many ways to enjoy how beautiful nuance of Yogyakarta.
Culinary Info / January 9, 2018
There are many other dishes that are no less delicious to enjoy while traveling in Yogyakarta.
Culinary Info / January 7, 2018