Goa Jomblang Tour, the Most Attractive Spot of Light in Yogyakarta City

One of the natural attractions in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta which is suitable for the traveler who loves the extreme activity and adrenaline rush that is Goa Jomblang. Goa Jomblang can also be referred to as vertical cave because its mouth is on the ground surface and can enter into it.

Traveler must have the skill of playing with the rope in order to reach the bottom of the cave. The terrain here can be said to be challenging with considerable depth ranging from 15 meters to 80 meters.

The entry path into it is divided into several types. For beginners with a depth of 15 meters, this path can be stepped by foot with an easy technique. In addition there is a line A which has a depth of 80 meters. Then there is the B line with a depth of 60 meters and the last line C depth of 40 meters.

Do not need to be worry if the first time travelers visit this place. Later the travelers will be given a short exercise on how to go down the cave in a safe way. Not only that, the travelers will be accompanied by a guide who has mastered this cave.

The Location of Jomblang Goa Tour

Although the field of Goa Jomblang is fairly extreme, but many travelers are interested to visit. The location is located in Hamlet Jetis Wetan, Pacajero, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. To reach there the travelers can only use private vehicles or rent car because there is no public transportation through it.

The price of entrance ticket to Goa Jomblang

If talking about the price of admission actually a traveler does not have to pay if you already have your own equipment. What is needed first permission to the Head Hamlet. However, if use the services of the operator, the travelers must prepare guide services and equipment, approximately Rp 450,000 to Rp 1,000,000 for one person.

Although the price to be paid is quite expensive, but the facilities and experience that can get very exciting. After all the equipment are perfectly attached to the body, the adventure into the depths of the earth’s bowels begins.

If the first time down this cave, it would be better to take step on the shortest path. The first 15 meter journey can be climbed on foot. Maybe anxiety will be a bit of a haunt.

But the anxiety will disappear immediately after discovering the green landscape of the fertile forest, various ferns, shrubs, until the big tree grows tightly. Especially if it is able track the path A, B and C.

Once inside the cave, presented a very special view of sun exposure with a very beautiful appearance. Many people said if the phenomenon in this natural tourist destination is the most interesting light spot in Yogyakarta, so it should not be missed.