House of Raminten the Jogja Culinary Tour that Must not Be Forgotten

When visiting Yogyakarta and want to try an interesting culinary tour in this city, the try to visit the House of Raminten. This restaurant is also a place where teenagers usually go to hang out.

Even when on the holiday season, the visitors of House of Raminten will increase. In addition the price is also affordable and suitable for students, House of Raminten restaurant also gives the concept of a typical restaurant from Java.

House of Raminten combines traditional Javanese atmosphere through interior arrangement and playback of local songs. Besides it also more unique is the presence of waiters or waitresses who also always use Java traditional clothes.

The Location of House of Raminten

At that time he location of House of Raminten on FM Noto 7 Kota Baru Street. But now the House of Raminten has opened 2 more branches on Magelang and Kaliurang Street. When entering the House of Raminten, the traveler will find a unique banner, a picture of elderly mothers who wearing Java traditional clothes.

Access to Location

The way to the House of Raminten is pretty easy. From Supadi Kota Baru street, the traveler can go to Faridan M Noto Street. Travelers will find House of Raminten at the right intersection across the Road.

If the fear of getting lost, traveler can use Google Map, and follow directions in this House of Raminten. Besides travelers can use public transport or taxi.


House of Raminten has a fairly complete facilities like a parking lot. Motorcycle parking is in the south of the restaurant. It is only Rp 1000 and Rp 2000 for parking motorcycle or car. Facilities such as WiFi, public bathroom and others will always be ready to satisfy the visitors.

The food menu

Many food menus are offered House of Raminten like liwet rice. This dish is a favorite dish especially teenagers and college students who like to gather in this place. Usually the buyers until run out of liwet rice because this food is always be looked for and the price is also affordable.

Another dish is nasi kucing (rice with a piece of milkfish and sambal). If the liwet rice was sold out, nasi kucing can be selected. Side dishes are quite varied as anchovy, vegetables, eggs, sambel and more. In addition there are still menus with names and techniques that are very unique presentation. From plate to glass, all designed specifically with a funny and special look.

Therefore House of Raminten can be used as the main culinary attractions while on vacation to the city of Yogyakarta.